I started this blog with a few goals in mind. First, like many amateur bloggers, I wanted a place to catalog random finds and thoughts I come across in real life and online. Second, my day job occasionally lets me interact with design/home/lifestyle Web sites, and I wanted to join the community to pursue my own interests outside of work.

But finally (here comes my manifesto), if anyone else comes across this blog I want it to be a reminder to me and an inspiration to others that we need to take time to enjoy the changing seasons, the months, the weeks, the world as it passes us by. We need to be paying attention to new foods, new scents, new emotions, and embrace them. Otherwise we will suddenly end up five years from now wondering where the time went. I think this is the reason cultures have holidays. Besides the obvious ties to seasonal customs, they help us pause and embrace the day. 

Thanksgiving is just a few days away, and it is one of my absolute favorite days of the year. As a harvest holiday, it brings all the wonderful seasonal food, which in turn bring perfect colors and aromas into the home. And as a holiday with no expectations of presents, or excessive drinking, or late night partying, we all get to enjoy each others’ company. Now I know many people find their families stressful and cooking for a full house can really put the pressure on, but there is no reason to take the day so seriously. 

Just pause, take it easy, and remember to enjoy what you are experiencing. BoingBoing linked to this wonderful photo taken in the UK of leaves permanently frozen in a just-paved street. The person who took the photo grabbed this moment in time because she was paying attention. My goal with this project is to get others to pay attention so we can all enjoy these perfect, fleeting moments.