Apartment Therapy directed visitors to Nettleton Hollow the other day. It’s a great source for finding branches to decorate with, and it inspired me to pull together some branch-centric ideas. While buying sticks and branches retail guarantees quality and variety, there is no reason you can’t just bring some in from your yard. We are talking about plain ol’ sticks here.

AT had a post devoted to branch ideas last week, but the photos reminded me more of a beach house look and aren’t really my style. Cool to see people decorating with them, though. 

For the autumn I really like these birch branches, either in natural or white:


Tie a bundle together with a gorgeous orange, plum, or brown sash for a seasonal touch. 

Pottery Barn also sells a faux persimmon branch, which is pretty and not too badly priced ($14 each). A large bundle of branches is what I call “white noise” in decorating. It’s there, but not the central focus and easily overlooked. Instead, a group of sticks leaning up against a wall adds to the overall feel of a space without drawing attention. On the other hand, a singe branch in a pretty vase can be used as a centerpiece on a dining room or coffee table. Used together, these two ideas can bring a blank room up to date, with a seasonal touch that steers clear of kitsch.