Sine we spend so much time in front of a screen all day, it only makes sense to use all the customization options to reflect our moods and personalities, just as we do in our homes. Now that winter is officially here, I’ve updated a few themes and backgrounds to shake things up a bit. Also, living here in San Francisco, I miss the snow like crazy, so having some real winter to peek at makes me happy.

59_colinthompson_bluewillow_500-white2After the jump, details on updating a Mac screensaver and desktop with Flickr, iGoogle and Gmail themes, and other ways to winterize your tech.

On a Mac, it’s really simple to change the desktop and screensaver from the System Preferences. I searched for photos on Flickr with tags like “winter” and “snow.” Doing an advanced search for shots licensed under Creative Commons produces results that let you download the full size. Then, I created a desktop folder for the images and selected that folder as my background. I love that Macs have the option of cycling through the contents of the folder, so every time I open up the lid I see something new.

In addition to doing a simple search on Flickr, the Multicolr Search Lab returns surprisingly accurate results for searches by color. You can also combine up to ten colors to find unique combination matches. This a great tool for finding seasonal colors that aren’t so literal. 


My online world is easy to change around, too. iGoogle, Twitter, and Gmail of course have themes. Some of them even change with your local weather and time of day.  And, of course, WordPress lets you upload a custom header image and crop it to the appropriate size. I use either my own photos or Creative Commons ones I find on Flickr. 

Finally, why not change up the appearance of other gadgets with skins or cases? Not only can it help protect expensive toys, it also makes you feel like you just got something new. GeekSugar is a great source for fashionable tech accessories, skins, and cases.