Now that the holidays are over and life returns to normal, whatever that may be, we are entering an odd time of the year for flowers. The late fall chrysanthemums, pumpkins, and decorative gourds are all past their prime, but it feels like the early spring flowers are a lifetime away. With that in mind, I went hunting for a few ideas for bringing the outdoor greenery inside. The look that I like best is combining a bit of evergreen with a classic flower such as a carnation. Apartment Therapy had a cool example of this meant for the holidays back in December, but I see no reason that we can’t use this in the new year, too. Carnations make this cheap, too!2008_12_05-carnations061Or add cranberries for an extra splash of color2008_12_02-carnations-1Of course, Martha Stewart can be counted on for winter floral centerpieces, too. I love candles most during the dark January days, and a white pillar is perfect here:a98259_1200_pinedouble_xlThis one, however, is my favorite. I’d take away the pine cones and extra greenery around the base as it seems too Christmassy and fussy, but the birch tree vases remind me of winters up north. Love it!mla102728_1207_birch_vase_xl-1