Vinyl wall stickers are popping up all over the place lately. They are great for renters who can’t paint ┬áthe whole room, and they are lifesavers for people like me who constantly get bored with room decor. While it may not be practical to choose new decals for every season, it isn’t really a stretch to change them every six months or so. In case anyone is looking for some good winter designs, I like ShaNicker’s bare branches il_430xn48088666and Gecko’s simple snowflakes (I especially like that Gecko lets you customize the colors of their decals).floco_de_neve_01


Some might argue that decorating your home with literal translations of the season is a bit much, but I love to bring the outside in. I found this print by Robert Socha on Etsy, which, if done right, can help to transform a room. I don’t advocate repainting your walls every few months, but keeping a neutral tone and swapping out art can refresh a room.

October Rain