Over the weekend I decided to put all my extra winter squash to good use and make this Winter Squash Gratin recipe from the Times. I used Delicata Squash, which has a flavor described as a combination of sweet potato and corn. The recipe called for 1 1/2 pounds, so I used three smallish delicatas. I also swapped out the parsley and sage for thyme, since that’s what I had in the kitchen. I really liked the flavor mixed with Gruyère cheese, so I’d call the improvisation a success. 

delicataI’d give this recipe 3 out of 5 wooden spoons, since the time needed to prepare it isn’t necessarily worth the finished product. If I’m still left with a table overflowing with winter squash in a few weeks, I’d consider it again, though. Click through for the full rundown. (more…)


Reading this story in the NY Times about Mark Bittman’s small city kitchen made me really happy. Way to show those suburbanites up! I use an 11 x 9 Epicurean cutting board on my miniscule counters, and they work just fine for me. Not saying I wouldn’t rather have a gigantic kitchen with tons of space, but it seems that too many people believe that can’t make great food in a tiny kitchen, so they invest thousands on gourmet appliances that never get put to use. ‘Tis a real shame. 

So Your Kitchen is Tiny. So What?